Taberet B Sphynx Cattery
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About The Taberet B Sphynx Cattery
My name is Shadee Owen-Bjelde, and my husband John and I enjoy showing and growing the wonderful breed of the sphynx cat!  We occasionally breed with cats from my baby sister Hannah and her husband Jonathon at Distinct Sphynx and have brought more European bloodlines into our programs!  The TaberetB program is in my home and we reside in Denton, Texas.  We have 2 high school age children who enjoy helping socialize and play with our animals, and an infant daughter.  I work as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital, and my husband works in apartment complex management and home renovations and also plumbing with his family's business.  Our animals do not financially support us, they are our passion to enjoy  together.  We do not breed bambino or elf mutations, or any other breeds.  I am a full member with TICA, and we are TICA registered, #23001, have received TICA Outstading Cattery Certification.  Also we are participants in the responsible breeder program, thus all kittens will only be sold with a contract for the health and safety of the animal.  Pedigree is available with health record of each cat with contract.  We do NOT send kittens to thier new homes PRIOR TO 12 WEEKS old, and spay/neuter done, for the sake of health and temperment.  Unaltered breeders/kittens will only be contracted into registered/showing/and HCM scanning sphynx homes in effort to further expand a healthy gene pool for the breed.  All our cats/kittens are raised under-foot, after 6 weeks in the nursery, with our kids to expose them to daily household life.  We HCM scan our kings and queens (1st screen prior to breeding).  We enjoy showing our nakids in our region and hope to travel out furher to show as our children get older (it's our  couples thing     ;-)  ).  We love taking silly pictures of our kitties and they love to show off around the house and inspect all our visitors, one even brings out his toys to share on some visitors lap.  Feel free to contact us for any questions about our cattery.  

 Hope you enjoy our site!

Where did the sphynx cat come from?  Click the link below to find the answer.
our couples photo, courtesy of Stephanie Twyman Photography